When is it Recommended to Replace the Wiper Blades on Your Car?

One of the easiest ways to maintain your car is to replace your wiper blades. The process doesn’t take long and about any driver can do it themselves. These long and skinny pieces are important to help you see whether the rain is coming down hard or light. Bad wiper blades can reduce visibility and can potentially lead to an accident. Now, when should those blades be replaced? It is recommended that you change out your wiper blades every 6 months to a year, or when you start noticing wear.

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Signs that You Need New Wiper Blades

There are many different signs that you will need to start looking for wiper replacements. The frame or adapter may be broken on your wiper blade. Watch for any metal corrosion at the joints and claws of wiper blades. This is an indicator that these blades were on your vehicle for a long time.

If all these seem fine, move to the rubber. If you notice any cracks, tears, or missing pieces, you will need to replace the blades. Water won’t move away very well as it will pass right through your blade. While you are looking for areas that water may not be wiped easily, feel to see if it’s still flexible or not. Rubber that is too old won’t have the right shape to your windshield and can cause streaks and squeaking noises. Also check to see if there are any edges are rounded rather than squared. This can prevent the blade from making the correct contact with your windshield, thus reducing how well you can see. Finally, see that the rubber is secure in the frame and that the blade itself was placed onto the arm correctly.

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