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Coolant Flush in El Paso, TX

When was the last time you had the coolant flushed and replaced in your vehicle? Coolant circulates through the engine and radiator, keeping them cool and absorbing the heat created while components of the engine rub against each other. Without the vehicle’s cooling system, it can overheat and lead to expensive damage, which is why it’s so important to stay on top of regular service appointments. A coolant flush, which is also called cooling system service or a radiator flush, should generally take place every 30,000 miles or five years, but make sure to check your vehicle’s owner manual for the manufacturer’s recommended coolant flush interval. When it’s time to have cooling system service on your vehicle, bring it to Charlie Clark Nissan for a coolant flush in El Paso, TX.

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Do I really need to have my coolant flushed?

A vehicle’s coolant should be flushed regularly, as it breaks down and collects dust and rust particles that can cause damage to the vehicle’s radiator or heater core and can eventually lead to the car overheating. Additionally, having your vehicle’s coolant flushed regularly helps prolong the life of key components in its engine, like the radiator, heater cores, coolant popes, hoses, and gaskets.

Schedule Service at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso

If it’s been more than 30,000 miles since your last coolant system service or you’re approaching the manufacturer’s recommended coolant flush interval, be sure to bring your vehicle to a trusted mechanic. If you’re in western Texas and need a coolant flush, schedule service at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso! Our team of experienced technicians will provide quality and conscientious care to your vehicle and get it back on the road in no time! Make sure you check out our service specials as well. Thanks for reading!

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