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Wheel Alignment in El Paso, TX

When's the last time you had your wheels aligned? Technicians typically suggest that a wheel alignment occur every two or three years and when new tires are installed on a vehicle. A couple of indicators that it might be time for a wheel alignment include having an off-center steering wheel or when a vehicle significantly pulls to one side. Your vehicle’s wheels may fall out of alignment after running over numerous potholes, hitting curbs, concrete parking stalls, or because simple wear and tear that occurs as the vehicle ages.

There are several fallbacks that come with having improper wheel alignment, like irregular wearing of tires and potential problems with steering and suspension. In order to avoid these issues with your vehicle, you should have your wheels aligned every few years and have a technician check your vehicle’s wheel alignment regularly. If you need a wheel alignment in El Paso, TX, contact the Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso Service Center to schedule an appointment.

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What are the benefits of having wheels aligned?

There are several benefits to having your vehicle’s wheels aligned regularly. One benefit is having longer tire life instead of having to replace tires sooner due to irregular wear. Another perk of having wheels aligned is better fuel economy and less wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension. Finally, the steering wheel straightened when the wheels are aligned, which means no more battling with the steering wheel to navigate from place to place.

Schedule Service in El Paso, TX

If it’s time to have your wheels aligned, don’t wait any longer! Visit us at the Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso Service Center and let our experienced technicians align your vehicle’s wheels. Don’t worry if your vehicle isn’t a Nissan, because our technicians service vehicles of all makes and models. You can schedule a service appointment online, over the phone or by visiting our dealership. We hope to see you soon!

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