Our Love for El Paso Texas—Our Home, Our Life

It is not happenstance that Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso made its home here in El Paso. Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso intentionally chose El Paso. Actually, you could say that El Paso chose Charlie Clark Nissan.

To understand how Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso wound up making El Paso its home, you have to know the Charlie Clark story. Charlie Clark himself was raised in the McAllen TX area and while located nearly 800 miles from El Paso, McAllen shares much of the same culture that attracted Charlie Clark to El Paso.

A large part of Charlie Clark’s rearing was influenced by the time he spent with his nanny—Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre—who he called, “Nana.” She was a native of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Nana played a key role in developing Charlie Clark’s love and appreciation for the melding of cultures along the Texas border.

Charlie Clark’s firsthand exposure to many Mexican traditions in the home of Mrs. Aguirre and across the border in nearby Reynosa led to a deep affection for the festive environments he often experienced. This appreciation and affection has led to the culture Charlie Clark creates in his El Paso dealership.

One recent online testimonial even states, “It’s a party atmosphere in that place from the time they open their doors in the morning till they close.” Another reads, “I love your commercials. I think your Nana is so beautiful.” Charlie Clark would agree!

The Beauty of El Paso’s Geography is Only Matched by its People

Not only is the geography a sight to behold, but so is its wildlife. Hikers, bikers, and others love to view beautiful landscapes along with the diverse ecosystem. Birds, reptiles, and small mammals all live throughout the city limits of El Paso. It is a regular occurrence to spot mule deer, coyotes, and even an occasional mountain lion.

El Paso sits on the westernmost point of Texas and features striking views of the Franklin Mountains that extend north into New Mexico. The rich history of El Paso goes back hundreds of years and it is no wonder how El Paso became the site of choice for many to watch the Mexican Revolution rage between rebel and federal forces back in 1911.

While no longer a place of nearby revolution, El Paso does demonstrate honor to military heritage through its own Fort Bliss; which is home of the U. S. Army’s tank division. Soldiers who call El Paso home are regularly involved in giving back to the community through toy drives and other efforts.

Sun City is Also a Safe and Fun City

Also known as Sun City, El Paso has a storied history of tales for which the wild west is often depicted in movies and legend. While the truth of these stories cannot be validated, the area pays homage to its country western heritage all around town. Ironically, in light of its wild west reputation, El Paso is actually one of the top 10 safest cities in the nation.

The name Sun City is one that El Paso earns due to the large number of sunny days every year. Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso loves to call a place with this type of climate home. The weather in El Paso provides for lots of opportunities to enjoy life outdoors. The Franklin Mountains State Park provides many ways for El Paso residents to enjoy activities outside like camping and hiking.

Many People Have Learned that El Paso is a Great Place to Raise a Family

The famous El Paso Zoo is another outdoor attraction that features fun for the whole family. The zoo’s 35 acres of green space and exotic animals from all over the world make it a favorite destination for many in the city. Along with the zoo, downtown El Paso features seasonal festivities throughout the year for all of its residents and visitors to enjoy.

The cultural crossroads of El Paso provides one of the most delicious culinary scenes of any city. Residents and tourists are regularly treated to authentic Mexican, true southwestern, and the best Tex-Mex cuisine you can find anywhere. The appreciation for food found in El Paso is what leads Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso to feature fresh pan dulce daily along with special grilling every Saturday featuring tacos, carne asada, burgers, and more.

The great public school system coupled with outstanding colleges and universities make El Paso a popular destination for those who highly value education. Coupled with the low cost of living, Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso knew that it would be easy to serve a population that shares these same values.

El Paso Displays Tribute to History

The ways in which El Paso honors the past is another reason Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso calls our city home. El Paso features the only border patrol museum in all of America and also provides the only bi-lingual Holocaust museum in the U.S. as well.

The beautiful architecture of El Paso includes lots of adobe—Spanish for mudbrick—structures in the El Paso area. Although adobe is among the earliest building materials used throughout the world, it is not one forsaken by designers and builders around El Paso. The use of adobe is another way the history of Latin American culture is on display in the El Paso area.

Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso wanted to be part of a community where art lovers, history buffs, and others with a deep love of blended cultures are not only welcomed, but also celebrated. To understand even more why Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso chose to call this area home, simply drop by the dealership to experience it for yourself.

Call today or even start your Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso experience online where you can read about all the ways Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso chooses to give back and add to the rich cultural community of El Paso.

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Nissan@Home Car Buying Completely Online from Test Drive to Delivery with Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso’s Oralé! Pass

Given our current circumstance and the lack of a crystal ball revealing when this stay-at-home lifestyle will all be over, some companies refuse to simply wait for life to return to normal. Instead, companies like Nissan—Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso specifically—are choosing to pivot in unprecedented ways to serve customers in the midst of the pandemic.

A new program dubbed Nissan@Home was launched late last year in order to provide a completely online shopping experience for customers who are either unable to leave their home or are choosing to lay low. Never having to leave your home to purchase a vehicle is almost unimaginable, but licensed dealerships like Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso are making it possible.

The Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso Oralé Pass Makes It Possible

You may be curious as to just how such an offer can even operate. Charlie Clark Nissan is putting new and used vehicles in driveways around El Paso without the need to even visit the showroom. Thanks to Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso’s Oralé Pass, shoppers can schedule both a service pick up for their existing vehicles and a home test drive for new cars, trucks, or vans.

The Oralé Pass is as easy as clicking over to the website and filling out a simple form with some basic information. The friendly and experienced teams at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso are here to help El Paso drivers no matter their automotive needs. Sales and service staff are serving customers in new ways that are respectful to their wishes while keeping everyone involved safe.

Scheduling Service Online Saves Customers a lot of Hassle

For service to an existing vehicle, a certified staff member from Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso will come and pick up your vehicle from you—whether it’s from your home or your place of employment. Once the service has been completed, a team member will bring your vehicle right back to you, again wherever is most convenient for you.

Vehicles are not only returned with the quality repair or service work completed, but also washed and completely sanitized! Think about the benefits of Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso’s Oralé Pass that go above and beyond taking your vehicle in for service elsewhere. You also get to pay for your service or repair work from the comfort of your home.

The Oralé Pass Makes Choosing Your Next Vehicle a Breeze

In terms of purchasing your next vehicle, a well-trained staff from Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso will deliver the car, truck, or van in which you are interested. You get to test drive the vehicle around your own neighborhood and take it for a spin that mimics your regular driving habits.

You get to see exactly how the vehicle looks in your driveway or garage while also completing most of the financing process from wherever you would like. The Oralé Pass really is that simple and easy for anyone looking to take advantage of this unmatched service.

Who would have thought we would be purchasing new vehicles using the same means as Door Dash or Uber Eats? Yet thanks to the willingness and innovation of a Nissan dealership like Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso, here we are!

The real winner here is the customer. Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso’s Oralé Pass gives people what they’re asking for, which is the ability to buy a new car on their own terms. This improved customer experience is an opportunity the leadership at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso has made possible in an otherwise potentially problematic environment.

Online Innovation Provides Unprecedented Convenience to Customers

With many parents in the El Paso area having to navigate remote learning while staying productive at their job, Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso’s Oralé Pass provides ways to shorten the traditional car buying timeline. No longer does someone have to block off several hours to go to a showroom and try to select a vehicle in person.

Today, shoppers are afforded the option to handle all the research and begin the buying process online with just a few clicks around their own schedule. Of course, the sales team at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso are always available to either chat online or over the phone in order to help guide and answer any questions customers may have.

From scheduling a service to selecting a ride for a test drive, shoppers can manage the entire process from their computer, tablet, or cell phone. Whether that means clicking their way through in the comfort of their own living room, from their desk at work, or even a table in a local coffee shop—Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso’s Oralé Pass allows everyone to turn their current location into a full-blown virtual dealership showroom.

The Oralé Pass Allows for a Hybrid Model

With the Oralé Pass, shoppers can at any time transition the process from online to in person. If you get halfway through and decide you are able or would just prefer to come in, simply pick up where you left off online. The employees of Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso are taking every step possible—from wearing masks to social distancing—to make even the in person experience safe for everyone.

All of us have been going through challenging times recently. The staff here at Charlie Clark Nissan is taking every precaution necessary to keep all spaces clean. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to make it in to Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso, don’t worry. Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso will come to you! Oralé!

Take advantage of Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso’s Oralé Pass today by simply clicking over to the website for more details and to start the easy process for yourself. You can schedule service for your car or choose a new one knowing that it is all on your timeline and that you can stay safe while doing so.

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Where Can I Service my Nissan near El Paso?

Are you near El Paso, Texas and need service on your vehicle? Don’t worry, because the service technicians here at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso is trained and certified to provide repairs and maintenance on your vehicle, regardless of its make and model. Our service center provides a wide selection of services and also offers various service coupons to help make repairs and maintenance as inexpensive and pain-free as possible
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Rent a Car in El Paso at Charlie Clark Nissan

El Paso is an incredible city to both live in and visit. So, if you’re new to the area or just checking it out for business or vacation, we welcome you! One of the challenges of traveling is finding affordable transportation in a new city, and while public transport is an option, it’s far from convenient or comfortable for most people.
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Welcome to the Charlie Clark Nissan Blog!

Buying a car at most dealerships can be very complicated, which turns what should be a fun and exciting experience into a stressful one; but not here at Charlie Clark Nissan. Simplicity is our second-biggest priority. Our number-one priority is you – the customer. Our goal is always to make things simpler for the customer. When you visit us in person at, or even just online, we want you to feel comfortable. That’s why our Charlie Clark Nissan car dealership in El Paso, TX, as well as our blog, will always strive to keep you informed on our inventory, new sales, new cars, community events, and more!
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