Nissan Versa Vs. Toyota Corolla

Car shoppers near El Paso and in the market for a new sedan should be introduced to the reliable and stylish 2022 Nissan Versa and the Toyota Corolla. You may ask yourself, “What are the differences between the Versa and Corolla?” The team at Charlie Clark Nissan is here to give you the inside scoop on what both the Nissan and the Toyota bring to the table.

Engine Performance

Both vehicles use a four-cylinder engine and offer a manual transmission or a CVT to send power to the front wheels only. With agile handling, impressive efficiency, and plenty of power to play with, Versa is ready to bring it to the streets. Versa handling makes every ride memorable thanks to a stiff rear suspension, rigid chassis, and responsive steering.

Fuel Economy

You’ll save money in another way with the Nissan Versa: in fuel economy. Thanks to its continuously variable transmission (CVT), the Versa gets a combined 35 miles to the gallon, averaging 40 highway miles per gallon. Get used to flying by gas stations. Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla sedan gets a combined rating of only 32 miles to the gallon, getting 36 highway mpg, which is impressive but not quite as good.

Source: Nissan and Toyota Media

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to its superior fuel economy, the 2022 Nissan Versa is rated as healthier for the environment than the Toyota Corolla. The EPA rates the Versa 7 out of 10 in its Green Vehicle Guide. The Corolla, on the other hand, merely scores a 5. This means the Versa pumps out up to 8 pounds less smog-producing pollutants than the Corolla every 15,000 miles. This environmental consciousness gets the Nissan Versa the designation of a Super-Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV) from the EPA. The Toyota Corolla, for its part, is classified as an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV).

Interior Space

The Corolla is only a few inches longer than the Versa, but the Nissan makes up for it by being slightly taller. Interior space gets traded between both depending on the specific area we’re talking about. The Corolla has more room in its second row, while the Versa is more spacious up front and in the trunk… where it counts!

It shouldn’t have turned out this way, considering the Versa is a subcompact sedan, and the Corolla is a compact. But the smaller car has a bigger trunk. That’s right; the Nissan Versa sports a trunk that measures 14.7 or 15 cubic feet of storage space, dependent on the trim level. On the other hand, the Toyota Corolla sedan’s trunk is only 13 cubic feet.

The Versa's smooth ride and cushy front seats make it a relaxing chariot for daily commutes, and it's available with more driver assists than its classmates. There’s nothing to complain about with the Versa’s seats. They’re reasonably comfortable and supportive, and adults can ride in either row without feeling squeezed. There’s nothing to complain about with the Versa’s seats. They’re reasonably comfortable and supportive, and adults can ride in either row without feeling squeezed.


Not only is the Nissan handsome, but it also has a price tag that's affordable for almost everyone. The 2022 Nissan Versa starts at just $15,580; no matter how you choose, it won’t crest far above $20,000. The 2022 Toyota Corolla starts at $20,425 and can jump to well beyond $25,000, depending on trim and options.

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