Nissan Leaf vs. Kia Niro

Electric vehicles have taken the roads by storm in recent years. Efficient, with longer ranges, and luxurious, the EV is the car of the future and offers a greater value than traditional gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. The Nissan Leaf and Kia Niro are two robust electric vehicles that come at a lower price point than most other EVs. But which is better? Read on for the side-by-side comparison and how the Niro stacks up to the Leaf.

Nissan Leaf vs. Kia Niro: Electric Engine And Battery Side-by-Side

While the Nissan Leaf is exclusively an electric vehicle, the Niro has a traditional hybrid and a plug-in hybrid trims available. For a fair comparison, we will explore only the EV models of the Niro, as the hybrid models have similar interior options with vastly different engines. The Leaf and Niro have almost the same battery, and each can charge from 10%-80% on quick (440v) chargers in around 40 minutes. Lower voltage (220v) chargers, like those available in homes, take roughly 11 hours for a 0-100% charge on both vehicles.

The Niro has a slight edge over the Leaf in terms of range. The more expensive Niro has a range of around 250 miles on a single charge, while the Leaf can reach 212 miles. The difference is minimal if charging stations are available on long trips or for everyday use. Additionally, the baseline Leaf has a smaller battery and range of 140 miles and is roughly $10,000 less than the only new EV trim of the Niro.

Nissan Leaf vs. Kia Niro: Quick Price Comparison

The Nissan Leaf is considerably less expensive than the Kia Niro. Both vehicles are eligible for federal tax credits, which helps mitigate the higher price of all EVs. Currently, all model year Leaf models are at least 10% less than the Niro, with the lowest-priced Nissan leaf being considerably less. This lower price makes the Leaf the perfect introductory or daily use electric vehicle.

Nissan Leaf vs. Kia Niro: Interior And Cargo

The Leaf and Niro are both compact hatchback vehicles with similar sizes and profiles. The Nissan Leaf wins out in both interior and cargo. With more features standard than the Niro, the Leaf has a tremendous value per option. Regarding cargo space, the hatchback has roughly five cu ft of room in the trunk and slightly higher headroom than the Niro.

2022 Models Leaf Niro

Overall Length 176.4 inches 172.2 inches

Height 61.4 inches 61.8 inches

Headroom, Front 41.2 inches 40.1 inches

Headroom, Rear 37.3 inches 37.7 inches

Legroom, Front 42.1 inches 41.7 inches

Legroom, Rear 33.5 inches 36.0 inches

Nissan Leaf vs. Kia Niro: Which Is Better?

Both the Nissan Leaf and Kia Niro are great electric vehicles. While the Niro has a slightly longer battery range, it is beaten out by the Leaf in almost all other comparisons. Thanks to Nissan's value and comparable options, it is the better vehicle. Still not convinced? Call or come on down to Charlie Clark Nissan and have a test drive today!


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