Reasons Why You Should Service Your Nissan at a Factory Approved Dealership

There’s a saying that can be applied to most purchases, and that saying is ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. It is always tempting to cut corners wherever you can, especially with the world’s current financial instability in play, and indeed on some occasions, you might just get away with it.

On many occasions though, you won’t, and one part of life you should never cut corners with is when it comes to servicing your automobile. While it might be tempting to take your car for its annual service to your local corner garage, the truth is that if you do so, you’ll probably be shaving hundreds of dollars off your vehicle’s lifespan and resale value.

Want to Keep Your Nissan in Tip-Top Shape? Then Follow the Service Plan as Recommended

Certainly, when it comes to servicing your Nissan vehicle, you should only ever take your car, van or truck to a dealership that has been approved by Nissan themselves. The following few paragraphs will explain why.

Servicing is certainly big business, as you might imagine it to be, given the number of cars currently on America’s roads. The total annual budget for repair and maintenance in the US per year is currently around $600 billion and that’s a figure that’s sure to rise. Lots of garages are competing for your business, which means you can get some good deals, however, if you find yourself swayed by bargain prices offered by your local, non-factory approved dealerships, you have to ask yourself the question will, in the long run, those savings be worth it? The answer is always no.

First and foremost, the mechanics at your local garage will be happy to take in any car, no matter if it is made by Nissan, or Mitsubishi, or Ford, or Hyundai. That might make them sound as if they are experts, but here we can throw another common saying at you – “the Jack of all trades is the master of none.” If you have a Nissan vehicle, then you will want it to be cared for by people who could put back together a disassembled Nissan car from scratch, in the dark.

Factory-approved dealerships have to adhere to many specific criteria in order to retain their factory-approved status. One of those criteria is that they can only employ expert technicians who usually specialize in one make of vehicle. For Nissan factory approved dealerships, this means that the technicians will have undergone special training programs devised by Nissan themselves.

Nissan-approved Dealerships Have Staff That Have Undergone Nissan-approved Training Programs

That training does not only apply to technicians – service managers, service advisors and even support staff must undergo Nissan-approved training programs themselves. It’s all part of Nissan’s commitment to becoming the number one thought-of car manufacturing brand in the US, no matter how much effort that takes.

One further key aspect of servicing that should dissuade you from taking your vehicle for a service at your local garage is that doing so may invalidate any warranties currently running following your purchase. Obviously, if a non-approved mechanic tinkers with your vehicle, they may do something that causes more harm than good. You cannot then take your car to a Nissan-approved dealership to fix the problem that has been caused ‘under warranty’ as you cannot expect your warranty to cover damage that has been caused by a non-approved mechanic’s ineptitude or lack of experience.

If you have purchased your Nissan vehicle from the Charlie Clark Nissan dealership in El Paso, then please make sure you bring it back to us in line with the manufacturer’s service schedule. Contact us at (915) 226-0702, or online here to schedule a time to visit our stellar service department.

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