Ford Ranger Vs Nissan Frontier

If you have been in the market for a truck, two options may have filled a large portion of your research. The Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier are a pair of contemporary mid-sized trucks that each boast an impressive legacy of reliability and versatility in their trim options. The Ford Ranger is the elder of the two, having started production over a decade earlier, but now lags as the Nissan Frontier has had the most recent redesign. While a new Ford Ranger platform is planned for 2024, it has yet to be fully released and is playing catch up to the competition. While the Ranger and Frontier's most recent and even previous models are similar in versatility, power, size, and performance, several small factors can sway a prospective buyer in either direction. Here we will explore those minute details and variable options to determine which is more worth your time.

Average Engine Comparison

The Ranger tends toward the smaller size for most mid-sized trucks, while the Frontier has a more standard engine that can deliver power on par with the competition. This difference means there is no definitive winner in the engine department, as the Ranger will tend toward better gas mileage while the Frontier has better offroad performance. Yet, the one defining factor that may help push the Frontier ahead is that it has more consistency with the AWD and RWD models having only a slight difference in efficiency. In contrast, the AWD Ford has a comparable fuel economy with much less than its RWD option. Although, in the end, Ford and Nissan are both relatively the same with the following fuel economy on their newest models:

Nissan Frontier:

  • 18 MPG City(2x4) / 17 MPG City (4x4)
  • 24 MPG Highway(2x4) / 22 MPG (4x4)

Ford Ranger:

  • 20 MPG City(2x4) / 19 MPG City (4x4)
  • 24 MPG Highway(2x4) / 22 MPG (4x4)

For towing, the Ranger has a slight edge and can handle slightly larger loads, although the towing capacities are close and within 800 lbs of one another on most comparable models.

The Deciding Factor

The Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier have incredibly close specifications across their size, capacities, reliability, and fuel economy. It's hard to decide which is superior. So, what is the deciding factor? The interior and technology. With its recent upgrade to tech and style, the Nissan Frontier can edge out the Ford Ranger regarding modernization. Newer Nissans come armed with the following, which is optional or outright not available on the Ranger line of vehicles:

  • Satellite Radio
  • Built-In Navigation (Optional on Ranger)
  • Keyless Ignition
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (Optional on Ranger)

The interior of the Nissan is even more attractive when you consider that despite the redesign, it keeps the user controls the same. The familiar layout leads to a more friendly user experience. Furthermore, the Nissan Frontier is all around more comfortable. With a slightly larger cab on almost all base models, the Frontier gives more leg and headroom while not compromising on the impressive and sleek aesthetic.

Overall Winner:

The Nissan Frontier is so similar to the Ranger that it is a hard race to call, and the paradigm may shift when the new Ranger's redesign is launched; but, as it stands, the Nissan has the better x factor and is all around more comfortable to drive and use. It is a versatile mid-sized truck that will perform well for towing, daily driving, and even off-road activities.

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