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Volkswagen is without a doubt one of the biggest global names when it comes to the manufacturing of automobiles. Indeed, if you are thinking about purchasing a Volkswagen El Paso vehicle, then you are making a very wise decision indeed … but is it the best decision you could be making? If you are on the hunt for a new vehicle, then a wiser purchase could be a Nissan vehicle instead. It is always advisable to consider alternatives, so unless you are 100 percent set on the purchase of a Volkswagen El Paso vehicle, you should keep an open mind and at least take a look at what a Nissan in El Paso can offer you.

Looking for a Volkswagen El Paso vehicle? Why not take a look at Nissan instead?

The best way to compare Nissan’s output with Volkswagen is perhaps to directly compare two similar vehicles: the Nissan Leaf and the Volkswagen ID.4. By making this direct comparison we will clearly be able to see which vehicle scores the highest in all the important categories, a Nissan El Paso Leaf or a Volkswagen El Paso ID.4.

Let us introduce you to these vehicles. The Nissan Leaf is a completely affordable and inspiring no-frills electric car which represents some of the best value available from electric cars across the board. Not only it is available at a very affordable price, it also has a sprightly powertrain that is suitable for all common journeys and a pleasing amount of tech at your fingertips to make any journey an enjoyable one.

The Volkswagen is a family vehicle that attempts to grab the limelight in the electric market. It is an affordable electric car but the price tag seems to have gotten away from Volkswagen a little. It is extremely eco-friendly and offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It has plenty of space for both passengers and cargo, but in terms of infotainment tech it leaves a lot to be desired. In addition, owners of a Volkswagen El Paso vehicle have complained that the jerky braking system takes a lot of getting used to.

First of all, let’s compare the impact that a Nissan Leaf has on your bank balance compared to the ID.4. Via this comparison there is absolutely no debate as the Nissan Leaf is the clear winner. Despite these two vehicles being similar, a Volkswagen El Paso ID.4 will make a much bigger dent in your pocket.

There is no doubt the Volkswagen ID.4 wins in terms of space, but not by much

Volkswagen has been keen to boast about the amount of cabin, passenger and cargo space that the ID.4 offers, and while their vehicle does outscore Nissan in this regard, it is only a negligible amount. The complete passenger volume of the ID.4 comes in at 101.2 cubic feet over the Leaf’s 92.4 – that’s about nine percent difference which is not going to inspire anyone to decide upon the ‘roomier’ ID.4.

The ID.4 is also a bigger car than the Leaf, which means that your Volkswagen El Paso new vehicle will be harder to maneuver, and likely be a bit less efficient on the road.

If want to investigate the Nissan Leaf over the Volkswagen El Paso equivalent a little more, or indeed are interested in any vehicle from Nissan’s impressive line of cars, then you need to come and have a talk with the people down at the Charlie Clark Nissan showroom in El Paso. We are available to speak to you at any time – just call us at (915) 621-1707 or contact us online here.

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