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Over the past two decades, Tesla has reimagined the family sedan, luxury executive car, and compact SUV by implementing the bleeding edge of technology into their electric vehicles. The Model 3 is Tesla's compact sedan that is geared toward a family-friendly and comfortable ride while not taking up too much space. But is it worth the Tesla premium price? Read on to find out.

The Tesla Model 3 Brings Value For The Price

On average, Tesla vehicles tend to be 20-30% more expensive than other leading competitors. So how does it justify that and still call it value?

Firstly, while searching for a used Tesla Model 3, you may notice that they retain their price. Generally, a Tesla sees only a 5% decrease in value each year it ages, compared to the national average of 15% for most vehicles. This value is thanks to the excellent build quality and the nature of the electric engine.

Electric vehicles do not require regular oil changes. Unlike hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles, the lack of a gas-powered engine means that oil is unnecessary. This helps to reduce maintenance costs and lowers the chance of mechanical failures in the car, making it retain value even longer. A Tesla Model 3 should run optimally for up to ten years, with only a slight loss in battery power and increased maintenance costs afterward, as is typical for any vehicle a decade or more old.

Used Tesla Model 3 El Paso

Peerless Safety In The Tesla Model 3

Tesla and the Model 3 have top safety scores on all their sedan vehicles. The Model 3 has a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The high safety score is thanks to the high quality of the build, along with state-of-the-art driver assistance features, including Autopilot.

What is Autopilot?

Autopilot is the driving database and autonomous driving capability of Tesla vehicles and one of the manufacturer's most prominent selling points. While fully autonomous cars are still a ways off into the future, there is still a lot to love about the AI-controlled driving experience in a Model 3. While cruising along the freeway, you can relax a bit, letting the level-2 autonomous driving take some of the slack of accelerating, braking, and light steering.

Used Tesla Model 3 El Paso

Electric Range And Charging Of The Model 3

The Model 3 sports a solid range and vast range of capabilities depending upon the needs of your lifestyle. Early Model 3's with a standard range battery have a capacity of 220 miles and up to 310 on the more expensive extended range model. Newer Model 3's have increased battery capacity from the earlier standards, offering 272 miles on the standard to 325 miles of range on the expanded battery. Finally, as a Tesla, the Model 3 has access to the Supercharger network, which can charge the battery from the 10%-80% range in as little as an hour. Standard, at-home charging averages about 8.5 hours for 10% - full, making the Tesla Model 3 a great road trip or commuter car.

Tesla Model 3 Verdict

The Tesla Model 3 is a pricey luxury sedan that is well worth the maximum price thanks to its broad spectrum of features and superior range over the competition. It makes the perfect daily driver, and thanks to the ever-expanding Supercharger network, used Model 3s are quickly becoming able to reach anywhere in the US without issue.

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