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With over ten years as the world's most innovative electric vehicle, it is no surprise that even a used Nissan LEAF is an eco-friendly, safety-packed, and affordable vehicle. Are you curious about the Nissan LEAF? Wondering if this compact EV is right for you? Check out below as we break down the Nissan LEAF and what you can expect from a used model, no matter the manufacturing year.

Used Nissan LEAF El Paso

Nissan LEAF Goes As Far As You Need It

While it goes without saying that the Nissan LEAF is a niche vehicle that excels in one particular category, the place of the LEAF is that it does the budget electric commuter car so well that you will never find a better deal. To begin, the Nissan LEAF has the perfect range for everyday use and can be charged while you sleep, meaning no more having to leave for work early to make trips to the gas station or hoping you have enough juice to get home. While newer models can undoubtedly go farther, even the oldest leaf is good enough for a commuter car. Used Nissan Leaf Ranges are as follows:

• First Generation (2011-2017): The baseline Nissan LEAF from over ten years ago can handle between 70-89 miles on a single charge, whereas the final run of the generation in 2017 reaches up to 120. • Second Generation: Newer Nissan LEAF models come with two standard battery options and can reach ranges of 150 miles on the 40 kWh battery and upwards of 212 miles on the 60 kWh battery.

Further driving home its niche ability to excel as a daily driver is the charging times of the Nissan LEAF. Most models can go from 10%-90% charge in as little as eight hours on a 220v charging cable (which is the standard for at-home charging in 2023). Charging your Nissan LEAF is also incredibly cheap, with an entire 100 miles of charge costing anywhere from $2- 5$, which is pennies on the dollar compared to even the most efficient gas usage of hybrid vehicles.

Used Nissan LEAF Bolt El Paso

The True Cost

One of the best selling points of an EV is the maintenance costs. First, fully electric cars, the LEAF included, do not need oil changes and only need routine fluid replacements like coolant and brake fluid. The LEAF, in particular, is a very low-budget car to maintain. With four and five-star reliability ratings across the board and a relative lack of highly complex technology, the LEAF tends to work perfectly well, even as it ages.

And what does the Nissan LEAF cost? With Tesla and other luxury EV manufacturers, you may be inclined to believe that EVs are only for those early adopters and anyone with loads of disposable income. But that is not the case. Brand new Nissan LEAF's retail for the same, or less, than their gas-guzzling compatriots, and used vehicles are the best investment for your pocketbook. While actual prices may vary, the Nissan LEAF tends to be around $5,000 - $10,000 cheaper than other fully electric competitors of the same year.

While the Nissan LEAF may suffer in range, it more than makes up for it by sporting a modest price tag, incredible reliability, and more than enough range to save you on the daily grind of city or suburb life.

Used Nissan LEAF El Paso

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