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Ranging from 2011-2019, the Chevy Volt was one of the best intermediaries between fully electric vehicles and gas-powered hybrids. The Chevy Volt is a fantastic family car, commuter vehicle, and comes road trip ready. With just a few hours plugged in, the Volt can go from 40-50 miles on an electric battery only and makes for an eco-friendly commute while not suffering from the short range of traditional battery-powered cars. But what makes the Volt a worthwhile used car if it was discontinued?

Used Chevrolet Volt El Paso

Plug-In Hybrid Range And Versatility

While battery-powered cars, like the Chevy Bolt, continue to grow in range and popularity, they are caught between a crisis of identity where the distance they can travel is enough for commuters but limiting to their city of origin. The Chevy Volt as a PHEV gets the best of both worlds. For your daily commute, the Volt can reach 40-50 miles on the 2017 - 2019 models and around 35-40 on the older model years. It is just enough to make it to work, home, or around the city without expending a drop of gas. Then, once you want to head out or across the country, the Chevy Volt's hybrid engine averages around 42 MPG and is a far more eco-friendly option without being tethered to the sparse network of car chargers.

Superior Pricing

The Chevy Volt keeps its value, and its closest competitor is the Prius Prime. However, despite having a similar range, tech, and efficiency as the Prius, the Chevy comes in at roughly 20% cheaper. A 2017 Chevy Volt with around 50k miles averages about $15,000 in price, and 2019 with similar mileage has a Kelly Blue Book Value of about $23,000. Furthermore, the Volt has incredible reliability, which keeps maintenance costs low.

Used Chevrolet Volt El Paso

Smooth And Safe Ride

Electric vehicles have a great feature in their instant delivery of torque. This means that cars, including the Chevy Volt, on battery power can hit the 0-60 range with greater agility than its small engine would imply. The Volt drives smoothly and transitions between the battery and gas-powered motor seamlessly. However, at highway speeds, the Volt can struggle with highway speeds.

The Volt is more than just a good drive; it's a safe one. The Chevy Volt has not failed to reach a 5-star safety rating for the entirety of its run. Its 2017-2019 models were considered by the IIHS to be among the safest cars in America, scoring nearly perfect in all categories, including front, side, and rear crash tests.

Used Buying Tips

Buying a used Chevy Volt can be intimidating as they hold their value better than competitors. This is because the Volt's lithium-ion battery is notably superior to others on the market, as it ages more reliably with less degradation over time. Older models have similar reliability to the newer vehicles, with the most significant jump in quality coming in the 2015 model year with the improved second generation. Finally, a Chevy Volt that is well maintained and has its battery replaced every 7-9 years will likely push upwards of 400,000 miles before major mechanical issues occur.

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