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If you are a resident of Las Cruces and you are currently looking for a used or brand-new Toyota model, then why not take a trip across to El Paso and visit the Charlie Clark Nissan car dealership. While it is true that we mainly cater to motorists who are looking for a Nissan automobile, SUV, crossover, truck or van, we also sell high quality used vehicles, and there is a strong chance that we have the perfect vehicle for you ready and waiting at our dealership.

You Get More Value for Your Dollar When You Purchase from Charlie Clark Nissan

Every retail outlet (including every car dealership) claims that they ‘put the customer first’ – but how many practice what they preach? When we say we are there for you at Charlie Clark Nissan, we really, genuinely mean it, even if you are looking for a Toyota La Cruces vehicle and not for a Nissan vehicle at all. We have lost count of the times we have seen the same people come back to us every couple of years when the time comes for them to upgrade their vehicle. We have also lost count of the number of times that people have visited us for the first time and tell us they’ve been recommended by one of our previous customers. We are proud to be part of the El Paso and Las Cruces communities, and our reputation simply cannot be matched or bettered elsewhere.

If you are looking for a La Cruces Toyota automobile, SUV or crossover then we will simply do everything in our power to help. It’s our dream to give you a cheerful wave as you drive your newly purchased vehicle off of our lot and onto South Desert Boulevard for the first time.

Thinking of Buying a Las Cruces Toyota? Have You Considered the Equivalent Nissan Model Instead?

Even if you have your mind set on a Toyota La Cruces vehicle, it will pay you to take a moment to consider the purchase of the equivalent Nissan model instead. Nissan is a brand that is synonymous with quality, and the vast majority of Nissan vehicles that are sold in the US are manufactured in this great country of ours too, mainly in Smyrna, Tennessee and Canton, Mississippi. By purchasing a Nissan, you will be purchasing an American-made automobile, contributing to our economy, and helping keep people in jobs.

With Nissan vehicles you have so many options. If you want to turn heads, then there’s the GT-R sports coupé. For a comfortable, reliable midsize car you could consider the Altima. For a midsize crossover there’s the Nissan Rogue or the slightly more powerful Rogue Sport. No matter what you want from your purchase of a new vehicle, there’s sure to be a Nissan model that matches anything the equivalent La Cruces Toyota model can do.

To learn more, call one of our friendly sales support team at (915) 226-0702, or contact us online through our contact form.

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