If you are seeking adventure and want an SUV that conquers the land like no other, the Nissan Pathfinder is your answer. With room for up to eight, incredible safety features, and future-forward technology, you can't go wrong when considering a Pathfinder. If you're still on the fence about whether the Pathfinder is suitable for you, join us below as we break down the Nissan Pathfinder and show why it is worth every dollar you will spend on such a behemoth of an SUV.

Go Farther And Bring More With The Nissan Pathfinder

Depending upon the model and trim level of the Nissan Pathfinder you choose, its abilities will vary with year and configuration. But, no matter your choice of trim level, you are getting a potent machine of the highest quality and value. Newer models of the Nissan Pathfinder come equipped with several drive options like snow, tow, offroad, and sport modes alongside 4x4 capabilities that can take on any terrain you may find yourself driving upon.

Are you looking to tow all your toys and take a victory lap around the trails? The Nissan Pathfinder has all you need. Older standard models of the Pathfinder tend to top out around 1500 lbs of towing capacity but, you can expect the highest-end trims to come equipped with a 284 hp engine delivering 259 lb-ft of torque which allows it to tackle upwards of 6000 lbs. But, the exterior towing isn't the only strength of the Nissan Pathfinder.

The Pathfinder sports seats for up to eight, meaning there is a lot of room inside for more than just people. The back two rows can be flipped down and laid flat, making a considerable cargo space that can hold upwards of 80.5 cu ft. Are you looking for more passenger room? Well, the Pathfinder has a model for you that seats seven and opens up the middle for taller and broader individuals in the back seats.

Interior Tech On The Cutting Edge

When you take a look at a Nissan Pathfinder, you are looking into the era of technology it was created inside. Regardless of your model year, the Pathfinder will be on the bleeding edge of whatever tech was in vogue at the time. As an example, currently, you can expect the following features in a new Nissan Pathfinder:

• Top-of-the-line Infotainment: Get onboard with a 12.3" widescreen infotainment screen, letting you swap between controls, mapping, and configuration software on the go

• Connectivity Is Standard: Apple Car Play and Android Auto come standard on all new models of the Nissan Pathfinder, allowing wireless connectivity for all your devices.

• Pro Pilot Assist With Navi Link: With a simple button push, you can engage the Pro Pilot Assist features, which take the guesswork out of navigation and help guide you safely on the road.

• Keep Aware With The Intelligent Around View Monitor: With several mounted cameras, you can have a full 360-degree view of the area around you when pulling out a spot or in tight quarters.

• Stay Safe With The Best Safety Features: Worried about what's coming ahead? With forward collision assistance, blind spot monitoring, and intelligent pedestrian monitoring, you and those around you can stay safe.

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