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Charlie Clark Nissan Is Your Las Cruces EV Dealership

Drivers in the Las Cruces area are realizing more and more the many benefits of driving an electric vehicle as their daily driver these days. When it comes to finding the right Las Cruces EV (electric vehicle) dealership, residents can rest assured that Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso has the most knowledgeable and experienced team around.

Both the federal government and the state of Texas continue to offer tax credits, rebates, and vouchers for Las Cruces shoppers on the purchase of an electric vehicle. For example, potential Las Cruces electric vehicle drivers can take advantage of the light-duty motor vehicle purchase or lease incentive program (LDPLIP) thanks to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Even leasing a Las Cruces electric vehicle from a Las Cruces EV dealership like Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso can provide savings for those who are shopping in the Las Cruces area. On top of these incentives, many area energy companies also provide charging rate savings to Las Cruces EV drivers at their home.

Las Cruces Electric Vehicle Drivers are Participating in a Major Movement

The climate-conscious consumer in Las Cruces will appreciate how purchasing an electric vehicle allows them to no longer contribute to the biggest source of planet-warming emissions in the US. Within the larger transportation sector, personal gas-powered vehicles are responsible for the most emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Las Cruces electric vehicles’ zero emissions means that driving an EV from Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso as a local electric vehicle dealership is one of the most powerful actions residents can take against climate change. Drivers who are able to charge their Las Cruces electric vehicle from completely renewable sources such as solar panels play an even bigger role in this effort.

Drivers in Las Cruces eyeing electric vehicles can trust the team at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso to help them successfully navigate the transition from their traditional gas-powered vehicle to an EV today. The good news is that thanks to advancements in the electric vehicle segment over the years, the transition is much more manageable than Las Cruces EV shoppers may think.

Nissan has Been Leading the Charge in Electric Vehicles Las Cruces Drivers Love

When it comes to finding electric power with instant thrills for Las Cruces EV shoppers, the Nissan LEAF fits the bill perfectly. With over 10 years of electric car manufacturing under its belt, Nissan has been building on the success of its LEAF offering to provide the best electric vehicle experience for drivers across the Las Cruces area.

Las Cruces residents will find Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso to be their best option for an EV dealer. Giving an electric vehicle like the Nissan LEAF a test drive allows curious Las Cruces consumers to discover the ever-growing range of today’s electric vehicles taking families further than ever.

A new or used Nissan LEAF electric vehicle can now travel up to 226 miles on a single charge while providing Las Cruces EV drivers with the most advanced technology available today. The EV flagship offers an extensive suite of Nissan intelligent mobility features that come standard on the latest models.

To test drive a Las Cruces electric vehicle like the Nissan LEAF, come by the Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso showroom today. EV Las Cruces shoppers can also begin their own electric vehicle buying process by calling Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso at 915-706-4100 or browsing the inventory of electric vehicles available to Las Cruces shoppers online today!

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