Not all automotive warranties are created equal. Many warranties seem to expire just about the time your new vehicle begins to show signs of wear. If you are in the market for a new or used Ford in El Paso, TX, Charlie Clark Nissan has a guarantee that goes well beyond just the sale of your new vehicle.

Nothing puts a damper on your new car enthusiasm like needing a repair when you are no longer covered under warranty. For those looking to purchase a reliable Ford to drive for miles and miles around the El Paso area, we at Charlie Clark Nissan want to deliver peace of mind alongside every new or used Ford purchase.

Whether your new Ford is for work here in El Paso, hauling the family around town, or just your own driving pleasure, imagine what it would feel like to know you are always protected at no cost to you!  A powertrain warranty not restricted by any length of time or number of miles puts you at ease in driving a used Ford from Charlie Clark Nissan.

Forever Warranty Can Be More Than Brand-New Warranty

Why stop at providing a warranty for just brand-new Fords? Obviously, a newer model is going to require fewer repairs at the onset of its life. As vehicles are on the road for more miles and more years, they need more attention. So, shouldn’t a warranty be included with used vehicles as well? We think so!

Making sure your used Ford keeps running strong is easy when you purchase a qualifying vehicle at Charlie Clark Nissan here in El Paso. To keep your care covered under our Warranty Forever, you simply need to perform the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance routinely. This maintenance includes services such as oil changes and inspections. Charlie Clark Nissan will then service and repair all the powertrain components on your used Ford whenever there is an issue. The powertrain components include the engine, transmission, and drivetrain.

Let Us Take the Worry Out of Driving An El Paso Ford

Choosing to purchase your used Ford from our El Paso, TX dealership will keep you from having to pay for repairs to the most expensive components of your vehicle. Why purchase a used Ford from a dealer that does not guarantee a vehicle with this level of service? There are other places to purchase a used vehicle in El Paso, but it may not include the assurance of knowing your used Ford is covered in case of failure.

Contact Charlie Clark Nissan Of El Paso To Find Your Used Ford with Warranty Forever

The friendly associates at Charlie Clark Nissan are here to help you find your next vehicle. Our team are experts in all stages of car ownership and will work hard to fulfill all your automotive needs. Charlie Clark Nissan is the only dealer in the El Paso, TX area with a mission to pair the right person with the right car and exceed expectations in customer service. You can contact us by phone at (915) 228-2412, or you can use the online contact form available on our website to find the perfect Ford vehicle just for you.

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