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Searching For Toyota Highlander In Texas? Consider The Nissan Rogue

When the new Toyota RAV4 in El Paso debuted to an automotive audience that was hungry for something different in 1994, the compact crossover was a huge hit. The Toyota RAV4 was the first vehicle to feature the look and feel of an SUV on a unibody platform. This fun little 5-door SUV quickly became a popular choice for drivers of all ages and stages of life.

This history is what Toyota continues to build on and is apparent when searching for a new or used Toyota RAV4 from a dealership in El Paso. Although the Toyota RAV4 has gone from a somewhat odd concept to a best seller over the years, Nissan has created a true competitor to the RAV4 for El Paso drivers in its own sporty and compact crossover.

The Nissan Rogue had bested the Toyota RAV4 in its original intent by successfully mixing the light off-road capability of a tough Sport Utility Vehicle with the comforts and conveniences of a modern passenger vehicle. Shoppers perusing lots and websites in El Paso for a Toyota RAV4 should consider how the Nissan Rogue, which debuted over a decade after the Toyota RAV4, builds on European influences to meld a rugged 4x4 experience with a refined feel.

There are many benefits that the Nissan Rogue offers El Paso drivers over the Toyota RAV4, which has still been a popular choice in a fairly crowded category with the addition of newer compact crossovers like the Rogue.

The Nissan Rogue Has Cargo Room to Spare

For the El Paso family looking for its next fuel-efficient SUV to haul teenagers around town who will soon be hauling themselves, the Nissan Rogue provides much more space than you would assume from its compact appearance. The Nissan Rogue makes good use of the space and many reviews boast of the SUV as a comfortable 5-passenger vehicle. The fuel economy and modern technology are also noted by automotive experts in their analysis of the Rogue.

The Nissan Rogue has risen to be a best seller for Nissan due to the comfort it provides its passengers along with its driving ease for whoever is behind the wheel. With significantly more headroom up front and legroom in the back, there is plenty of space for any passenger to enjoy or luggage to haul. The balance of abundant power with impressive fuel economy also puts the Nissan Rogue above a new or used Toyota RAV4 in El Paso.

The Nissan Rogue Does Not Skimp on Safety for Drivers in El Paso

The all-wheel drive provides a peace of mind for drivers (and parents of drivers), especially in more treacherous road conditions where rain or snow may otherwise cause concern. Unlike with the Toyota RAV4, the off-road capability is not just a premium only available in the much more expensive models, such as the TRD Off-Road package.

The newest Nissan Rogue models feature standard lane-departure warning, pedestrian detection, forward-collision warning, automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alerts. This set of safety features provide drivers and passengers a calm composure when on the road. Even with all of these amenities as standard, the Nissan Rogue still bests the Toyota RAV4 in starting price.

Those shopping a Toyota RAV4 dealer in El Paso will find the Nissan Rogue to have a more refined and attractive design. Drivers upgrading to a crossover from a sedan for their commute and those who regularly share rides with peers may be put off by the Toyota RAV4’s more juvenile styling.

The interior of the Nissan Rogue features modern technology and a polished trim of high-quality materials. All of these attributes add up to make the Nissan Rogue a road-friendly crossover that is sure to be appreciated by drivers in El Paso over the Toyota RAV4. Consumers will also appreciate the longer wheel base, which helps give the Nissan Rogue the edge in both cargo room and handling.

Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso Features A Wide Selection of Rogues and Used Toyotas

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