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Searching For Toyota Highlander In Texas? Consider The Nissan Murano

Shoppers who are eyeing a new or used Toyota Highlander in El Paso would benefit from the old adage that bigger is not always better. The many advantages of a Nissan Murano may very well make the highly acclaimed SUV the better choice, especially for those looking to enjoy a sportier ride around town or on longer road trips.

When put head to head, the midsize Murano crossover overshadows the three-row Highlander. Whether for getting to work or just around on the weekends, the high quality of its materials and the exceptional comfort found in the cabin makes the Nissan Murano a viable competitor to an El Paso Toyota Highlander.

The Nissan Murano puts the sport in Sport Utility Vehicle with an aggressive styling that even includes an attractive spoiler standard. This commitment to making a vehicle that is as fun to drive as it is nice to look at should be no surprise from the brand that resurrected the SUV convertible craze with its CrossCabriolet several years back.

You may remember how Nissan removed the roof and eliminated two doors in order to create that fun version. Nissan builds on this history of making enjoyable vehicles with the latest Murano models. It is this kind of innovation and commitment to push the boundaries that makes the Nissan Murano a better choice over the drab status quo designs found at new Toyota Highlander dealerships in El Paso.

The Nissan Murano Is A Better Value Over A New Toyota Highlander in El Paso

Perhaps the most important comparison for the cost-conscience consumer in west Texas is price. The Nissan Murano generally costs about $3,500 less on average when compared to the Toyota Highlander. A quick trip around the lot of a new Toyota Highlander dealer in El Paso can lead to sticker shock for those hunting for a bargain in their next vehicle.

The Nissan Murano has been ranked higher in performance tests and receives higher overall ratings from many of the automotive critics. The very satisfying and responsive standard V6 engine of the Murano provides more power than the paltry four-cylinder engine that comes standard on the Toyota Highlander. Drivers in El Paso will appreciate the efficiency of the Murano’s powertrain components, which work to produce more horsepower and torque than the base Toyota Highlander model.

The interior of the Murano has been described as a plush and roomy cabin, which features an intuitive infotainment system. The Nissan Murano also edges out the Highlander in front leg room and shoulder room. (Yes, shoulder room is actually something measured in vehicles.)

Though the Toyota Highlander claims a passenger capacity of up to 8, experts have labeled the third-row seating as extremely tight, which renders it almost useless as it is too small for adults or large kids. Trying to strap smaller children into their safety seats is nearly impossible in such cramped spaces. The Murano makes the better choice of allowing for more cargo space, rather than trying to cram another row in the back of the vehicle.

Safety and Driver Comforts are a High Priority for the Nissan Murano

The features working to protect both passengers and the vehicle itself include an alarm that comes standard as part of an anti-theft system. Shoppers looking at the Toyota Highlander in El Paso will be pleased to learn that rear side air bags come standard on the new Nissan Murano. A blind spot monitor is another option on new models that makes for a safer ride.

The LED running lights that come standard on newer Murano models provide for optimum visibly no matter the time of day or night. These types of features are only available on the upgraded versions of a new El Paso Toyota Highlander.

Other conveniences like an optional remote engine start and lumbar support standard make the Nissan Murano enticing for used Toyota Highlander El Paso shoppers. The larger fuel capacity combined with the lighter weight will also keep you on the road longer in between fill ups.

Skip the Toyota Highlander Dealers in El Paso for Charlie Clark Nissan

For El Paso drivers looking at their next family friendly vehicle to get soccer players to the game, musicians to rehearsal, and the whole crew to their next adventure, the Nissan Murano is the crossover to consider. Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso features several used Toyota models and a wide selection of Nissan Murano’s to compare. Call Charlie Clark at (915) 621-1707 or shop their entire inventory online to find the perfect vehicle for you.

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