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Searching For Toyota Camry In Texas? Consider The Nissan Altima

Some shoppers may be lulled into believing that all sedans are created equal. The truth, however, is that even two cars in the same class can be miles apart. From styling and features to financing and aftersales support, a deeper look into the differences will help customers know how to choose the best midsized sedan.

Drivers in El Paso and beyond are beginning to understand the value of choosing the Nissan Altima as a sedan of choice over the Toyota Camry. The latest Nissan Altima’s raise the bar on excellence even higher in an often-crowded class of vehicles.

Many experts in the industry are praising the Nissan Altima as a great option for the El Paso driver looking for a spacious vehicle while also providing more than adequate power and sportier handling than your typical sedan. Families visiting a new Toyota Camry dealer in El Paso, TX area will find the extra cargo space in the Altima a welcome convenience when hauling gear around town.

The Interior Is Where The Altima Really Shines

The interior cabin of the Nissan Altima affords drivers looking for a new or used Toyota Camry in El Paso a much more striking design than what is found in the Camry. It seems as though Toyota is resting on its laurels with its recent Camry designs where Nissan is innovating in order to assert itself as a car maker serious about meeting the needs of a modern El Paso driver.

The Nissan Altima’s metallic accents and badging give it a much more luxurious feel than the status quo Camry. The standout stitching and weave of carbon-looking inserts throughout the dash demonstrate the desire for Altima to give those shopping El Paso, TX dealerships for a Toyota Camry a more modern option.

Although there is a clear focus on driver comforts and convenience with the updated Nissan Altima, the advantages don’t end with the driver. The wide openings of the passenger doors allow easy entry and exit for all passengers no matter their size. The Toyota Camry may claim room for up to five adults, but customers looking for an El Paso midsized sedan may be surprised to learn that the Nissan Altima really delivers on the ability for adults to ride comfortably in every seat.

Standard Means More When It Comes To The Nissan Altima

In order to receive the better options when it comes to El Paso Toyota Camry dealers, customers are forced to go with upgraded models, which means paying more than you may have planned. The Nissan Altima, however, includes upgraded features that are standard across all models, which means the Altima provides a better value in its design and performance than the Toyota Camry.

The Nissan Altima recently received high remarks from J.D. Power for its reliability and its reputation precedes itself in this category. This is evidenced by the full three year, 36K mile warranty on new Nissan Altima’s and a five year, 60K mile warranty on the powertrain components. Some El Paso Nissan and Toyota Camry dealers may even sweeten the pot when it comes to warranties or other maintenance incentives.

Many El Paso drivers are going to consider cost as a high priority in choosing their next midsized sedan. The good news here is that the Nissan Altima continues to outvalue the Toyota Camry as shoppers can save hundreds of dollars when going with the Altima.

The cargo space of the Nissan Altima is a full 11 cubic feet more than what the Toyota Camry offers. Between this benefit and the better-looking styling of the late model Altima’s, Car and Driver has named the Nissan Altima as the better option for drivers over the Toyota Camry, including those shopping for a new sedan at an El Paso dealership.

Many automotive reviewers are making mention of the Toyota Camry’s lackluster design and use of materials. Motor Trend even notes how much comfortable the seats of the Nissan Altima are than those of the Camry. Drivers in El Paso looking for a more comfortable commute to work or while shuttling the family to activities will be very pleased with the Altima’s attention to its amenities.

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