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Charlie Clark Nissan Is Your El Paso EV Dealer

The recent growth of the EV (electric vehicle) market demonstrates that EV’s are less of a trend and more a glimpse into our future. In the US alone, electric vehicle sales are expected to rise to nearly 7 million within the next four years.

Although this may sound like a small portion of the total vehicle sales, this increase marks a growth of over 390% in just five years. The numbers not only show steady growth, but that it is accelerating at an incredible pace. Due to the skyrocketing popularity of EV’s, more and more carmakers are getting in the game.

It was only a few years ago that we saw the 1 millionth electric vehicle on the road here in the US. As you can see, the meteoric rise of EV’s has been fast and furious. Many experts are claiming that the mounting pressure on automakers will lead to EV’s being the only option for drivers sooner rather than later.

There is good reason for the recent boom of EV’s. Buyers were originally motivated by government incentives like tax credits to purchase electric vehicles. While these incentives are still in place, the motivation has recently shifted. These days, EV owners are inspired more by the ethics of driving an electric vehicle than the savings they provide.

Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso Delivers an Electric Experience as an El Paso EV Dealer

For drivers in the El Paso area, Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso is a local dealer who is excited to be participating in the growth of EV’s. As an experienced El Paso electric vehicle dealer, the knowledgeable and friendly team at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso is helping put more and more local drivers behind the wheel of the right EV to meets their needs.

Choosing the best electric vehicle differs between drivers depending on their requirements. Taking into account all the factors—like miles driven each week, number of passengers, and other factors—the sales associates at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso continuously guide EL Paso electric vehicle shoppers in the right direction.

Potential electric vehicle El Paso shoppers will appreciate the years of experience and the longstanding local relationships of Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso when it comes time to shop for their EV. Rather than being the new kid on the block like many other El Paso electric vehicle dealers, Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso is a big part of the community.

Nissan Not a Newcomer in the El Paso Electric Vehicle Market

Production on the Nissan LEAF begin in Japan as early as the fall of 2010. Now, with over a decade’s experience in manufacturing an electric vehicle, Nissan continues to build on its foundation of innovation. Shoppers interested in an El Paso electric vehicle can drive a LEAF today.

The Nissan LEAF available from at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso was the world’s best-selling electric car for several years in a row over the past decade. EV’s are not just for celebrities and the uberwealthy any longer. Everyday El Paso residents are now drivers of electric vehicles that can go much further than in the past.

Aspiring EV El Paso drivers can trust the teams at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso to help them navigate the transition from a gas-powered car to an electric vehicle. Swing by the showroom to test drive an electric vehicle or call Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso at 915-706-4100 and browse our inventory of El Paso electric vehicles online today!

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