Auto loans are the most common way Americans purchase vehicles from dealerships, be they new or used. However, they can be a daunting prospect, and needing to complete the applications can quickly put a dent in your credit history with all of the hard credit checks. So, that's where the expert auto salespeople at Charlie Clark Nissan of El Paso can come in and make the whole buying experience a breeze, taking you from application to driving off the lot with ease.

Save Your Credit Score With A Quick Prequalify From Charlie Clark

If you are still window shopping and want to know what is in your budget without all the extra effort and cost to your credit that a complete application can take, score a quick pre-qualification by going here. However, please keep in mind that any pre-qualification may not be 100% accurate to the amount you are prequalified for, and things such as a hard credit check, down payment options, and potential trade-ins can all make the difference on the make and model of vehicles that you qualify for. Moreover, Charlie Clark Nissan offers a few extra incentives if you are a military member or a recent college graduate.

Nissan Incentive Programs For New Car Buyers

As stated above, if you are a recent college graduate or a United States military member, you may qualify for additional incentives that can help with purchasing power.

• If you are a recent college graduate, having graduated in the past 24 months, or can provide written confirmation of upcoming graduation within the next six months and current or guaranteed employment, you can qualify for $500 credit to help get you moving on to the next step of your life journey.

• Military members who are on active duty, in the reserves, retired, or veterans within twelve months of separation can also qualify for incentives from Nissan. With the Military Appreciation Program, you can receive $500-$1000 in credit toward your purchase, which can be added to your trade-in and auto loan.

Complete A Full Finance Application Online

If you want a more detailed and solid answer for your potential buying power, fill out a finance application with Charlie Clark by clicking here.

Note: Ensure that you read and understand the Privacy Notice and Electronic Signature Disclosure provided before agreeing to the application process.

Get An Instant Offer For Your Old Car Trade In From Kelley Blue Book

Many shoppers opt to trade in their old vehicles to put the value toward the principle of their new or used car purchase from Charlie Clark and to help supplement the value of their auto loan. If you are looking to upgrade and plan on bringing a trade-in, we proudly partner with Kelley Blue Book and seek to honor the offers provided here.

Shop By Payment

Targeting a particular monthly payment, or are you curious about what payments for specific models will look like? The online Shop By Payment Tool on our website does the hard work for you by providing an interactive list of potential vehicles that fall into your budget and comes with several helpful filters to help you on your car-buying journey. You can also add your trade-in value and possible down payment.

Get Your Auto Loan And Your Next New Or Used Vehicle From Charlie Clark Nissan Of El Paso

When you are ready to take the first step on your car-buying journey, Charlie Clark is here to help you through every step. For more information, you can visit us in person today or call (915) 226-0778.


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