Kia K5 Vs. Nissan Altima

The Kia K5 and Nissan Altima are a pair of mid-sized sedans that deliver much more than most daily drivers and family cars. They share several similarities and style choices, each seating five and providing modern features still uncommon on budget-friendly vehicles. However, the K5 and Altima have as many differences as they do similarities. So, which is the best for you and your lifestyle? Check out our breakdown of both and the comparison between them to decide.

Kia K5 Breakdown

The Kia K5 is the successor to the Optima, with significant features, exterior aesthetics, and performance upgrades. Like most vehicles of this current generation, the K5 is offered in many different trims and styles. Therefore, for both the Kia K5 and Nissan Altima, we will look at the most recent standard versions of both vehicles.

Specs Of The Kia K5:

  • Horsepower: 180-hp
  • Capacity:6-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine
  • Transmission Type: Automatic
  • Efficiency: 24 - 27 MPG City, 32 - 37 MPG Highway
  • Alternative Engine Specs:
    • Horsepower: 290-hp
    • Capacity: 5-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine

Where the Kia K5 shines is in its incredible exterior aesthetic, superior warranty, and high horsepower alternative engine options. The Kia K5 demands to be looked at with its sleek style, which helps it stand out from the crowd rather than fading into the background, as is typical for most mid-sized sedans. It has incredible value thanks to its expansive warranty, although this won't transfer to used models.

Photo Sources: Kia and Nissan Media

Nissan Altima Breakdown

The Nissan Altima has been one of the most reliable and reasonably priced four-door sedans since the early 90's. It is the most comfortable ride on the road available today and hasn't stopped delivering year-over-year since its release. It has a solid exterior aesthetic and has been redesigned several times. However, the Nissan Altima is a template for many contemporary sedans and thus doesn't strike too much of a unique facade.

Specs Of The Nissan Altima:

  • Horsepower: 182-hp
  • Capacity: 5-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine
  • Transmission Type: Continuously Variable Automatic
  • Efficiency: 25 - 27 MPG City, 34 - 39 MPG Highway
  • Alternative Engine Specs:
    • Horsepower: 236-hp, 2.0-liter
    • Capacity: 4 Cylinder Engine

What the Nissan Altima does right is its comfort while driving, excellent infotainment system, and optional features that expand beyond the competition. What makes the Nissan Altima so comfortable? Besides the beautiful performance and handling, the Altima also features Nissan's patented Zero Gravity seats, which reduce stress on the back and shoulders, making it the most cozy sedan in its class.

Photo Sources: Kia and Nissan Media

Kia K5 Vs. Nissan Altima, Direct Comparison

You can't go wrong with the Kia K5 or Nissan Altima. Both are striking, fun to drive, and large enough even for the tallest individuals to sit comfortably. Each has relatively small standard engines with more powerful options, making each into a sporty model. The Nissan Altima is far more comfortable for longer rides, while the K5 has a smaller turning radius and slightly better handling. So, which is better? By a small margin, the Nissan Altima delivers a better standard experience, and with a more efficient baseline engine, it makes a better option for a mid-sized sedan.

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