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When Dodge Las Cruces shoppers start looking for their next vehicle, there is one brand that makes sense to consider when it comes to moving away from Dodge. Having not exactly been known as a reliable carmaker, Dodge continues its downward slide while Nissan is on the rise.

A new or used Nissan vehicle from Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso offers Dodge Las Cruces drivers a stellar track record when it comes to reliability, along with a smooth ride and strong resale values.

Dodge Las Cruces shoppers are probably aware of the strength Dodge brings to the market, which revolves around their muscle cars. Nissan, however, is no slouch in this segment thanks to their GT-R and Nissan Z offerings. If speed and performance are what Dodge Las Cruces shoppers are after, Nissan delivers.

Even the affordable Nissan Maxima and Nissan Altima offer options that make them both fun to drive as sporty luxury sedans with both power and room for plenty of passengers. For example, the new Nissan Maxima is a high-tech powerhouse with 300 horsepower and 3.5-liter V6 engine designed to exhilarate.

Options for Dodge Las Cruces Shoppers Continue to Dwindle

Numerous models of Dodge vehicles have fallen by the wayside over the years. Some of the names you may remember seeing at one time or another include the Dodge Avenger, Dodge Caliper, Dodge Caravan, Dodge Dakota pickup truck, and Dodge Dart.

There is also the once popular Dodge Neon, Dodge Nitro, and the Dodge Stratus, which you may also remember was famously and facetiously named in a Saturday Night Life skit several years ago. The list is long of vehicles Dodge Las Cruces drivers once enjoyed but have since been discarded.

This trend appears to be continuing as Dodge Las Cruces shoppers may be surprised to learn that Dodge has recently confirmed the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger will no longer be in production in the near future.

There are now only a handful of Dodge models in production and even the Ram brand has been spun off as a standalone—leaving Dodge Las Cruces shoppers without an option for a pickup truck.

Nissan, however, continues to receive accolades for innovating a number of models that have been in production for years. With more than double the number of models currently in production, Nissan offers Dodge Las Cruces shoppers several more options.

Much More for Dodge Las Cruces Shoppers at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso

The list of amenities and incentives is long for Dodge Las Cruces drivers at Charlie Clark Nissan in El Paso. From oil changes for life to Nana’s famous lifetime warranty, customers are well cared for long after driving off the lot in their new or preowned Nissan.

When Dodge Las Cruces shoppers choose Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso for their next vehicle, another benefit is a trusted service center nearby to take good care of their ride and keep it on the road longer.

Why not choose a dealer that continues to receive high praise from their customers again and again? A quick look at our online reviews reveals how drivers throughout the Las Cruces area appreciate the over-the-top customer service, the knowledgeable staff, and professional demeanor of the teams at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso.

There are several options for finding your new or used vehicle at Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso, which even includes at home test drives thanks to Nissan’s Drive@Home program. Call Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso at 915-621-1707 or swing by the showroom to see our wide selection today!

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